Youth Group



We drove up on Friday in order to register.  Friday night was the opening segment from the guest speaker, Joshua Hester along with on overview for Sabbath activities and some singing with the church band.  Our youth loved this evening the most.  Joshua Hester introduced himself by presenting his beginnings and his not so shiny upbringing.  His overall message was one of transformation and the unwavering love of God.  Saturday we met for Bible study in the morning covering the topic of metamorphosis, the church service followed with part 2 of Pastor Hester’s journey, then potluck followed.  After a couple of hours of down time we regrouped for an outreach project constructing thank you boxes for local law enforcement, which we then delivered.  Returning back to the church for dinner and the final segment of Pastor Hester’s message.  Finally, a nerf battle was held in the evening which our group LOVED. 


We met some truly amazing people and made new friends.  The trip was well received by all involved and there were questions about being able to attend next year.  We want to thank our church family for helping the youth attend this rally through their offerings.  The happiness, community and peace this brings these kids is amazing.