Prayer and Praise


Please Pray for:

Urgent Prayer:

---Thad Schunick now in Hospice (Bob Schunicks son)

---Ron Nelson Sr. - Late stage metastasized cancer

---Bill Jarrel - Late stage metastasized cancer

---Jeff Spies - Late stage metastasized cancer

---Steve Moore - Late stage metastasized cancer

---Marlin Christian (brother-in-law of Cheryl James) Advanced cancer. Having treatments and surgery.


Battling with Cancer:

--- Dawn, Doddie Croxton’s daughter-in-law is home recovering from surgery on her lung 

--- Jeff Richmond (lung cancer) 

--- Steve Moore (Lynda Amato's brother - prostate cancer) late stage cancer

--- Sandy Reimers - Is attending church and active while receiving her treatments

--- Vern Milbrandt (prostate cancer has ceased advancing) 

--- Tristen Blummer - continues to be clear of cancer 

--- Brett - cancer

---Rick Fitzgerald - (brother of Paul) cancer

---Galvin Springsteen - cancer

---Boyd Rundell - (brother of Rick) cancer- recovering from surgery

---Pam (friend of Sandy Rhimers) Blood clot to the brain causing a stroke. Also has cancer needing surgery.

Dealing with Mental Illness:

   --- Roger Castleman (friend of Paul Fitzgerald) who is dealing with depression

--- Carol Hawkins - John's wife, has been moved to a nursing home because of worsening dementia and diabetes

Tragic Loss:

--- School shootings across the country

--- Police Officers who lost their lives

---Lori Williams - brother-in-law passed away

---Dan Martines - father passed away

--- Nancy - (sister of Mary Timmerman) her family with recent loss of Earl - husband, father and grandfather.

---Family of Angelo - (nephew of Carolyn Clay) recently passed

Other concerns:

--- Linda Lindstrom is recovering from her procedure done on the 28th

--- Sharon Ihns- Has two upcoming surgeries

--- Hellen Nichols - knee replacement surgeries

---Nancy Croxten - double amputee

--- April Jacobs (Louise Zumwalt’s 16 year-old granddaughter) has debilitating limes disease

--- Len Fernando - continued issues with vertigo. Recovering from bowel obstruction. Ongoing chronic back pain and migraines.

--- Rita Eckhart- She is improving in physical strength ever so slowly.

--- Melody Lord- With the help of family, has improved and is now very active.

--- Dorian Byrd- recovering from surgery and recent diagnosis of rare form of Parkinson's disease. Prayers for strength for Palmer as primary caretaker.

--- Brittany Steel- Is home from the hospital and recovering well. Still has mobility issues. No recent updates 

   --- Thelma Torrez- Thelma is Helen Nichol’s sister.  She is recovering from a stroke and pneumonia. 

--- Nancy in the hospital, had a recent stroke and her husband Earl passed away.

--- Angelo (nephew of Carolyn Clay) take to Genesis East is non responsive with lots of health issues.

---Wendy (daughter of Ed Nichols) recovering from recent surgery with all intestinal organs affected.

---Bob Farley - health issues.

---Nick - (Mary Timmerman's grandson) - In army reserves. His unit has been called up and will be going to Poland. Prayers for his safety and safe return.

---John Hawkins - Deteriorating disk disease that doctors can no longer help with is in constant pain.

---Joe Sauers - still recovering from stroke and shoulder surgery

---Greg Phelps - chronic alcoholism 

---Dale Fay and Earl Allen - both in need of kidney transplants

---Elhawm - (child of Vicky Bowen) cystic fibrosis

---Mike - (child of Vicky Bowen) chronic diabetes and mostly blind

---Ron Wilson - recent diagnosis of stenosis and other health issues.

---Jody Walker - chronic bowel disease and high blood pressure

---Joe - (Jody Walkers fiance) - late stage COPD and is on oxygen and unable to leave the house

---Cynthia - (Pastor Cabrera's sister) - involved in voodoo and spiritual problems

---Robert Douglas - accepted Jesus in Anamosa - suffering from seizures.



--- Sandy Reimers-  We praise God that Sandy is attending church regularly

---Bob Farley and daughter Kayla - both are back in church

--- Robert Castleman- For hard work at his new job

--- New Lift Chair- A big thanks to John Brus and our deacons!

--- Paul Fitzgerald's son-in-law, Dan, as he considers Christ and faith is now enjoying Bible passages Paul is sending

Outreach and Evangelism:

--- Bible Workers, Victoria Brown and Jacob Pittenger

---Prisoners in Anamosa - those who have accepted Jesus - keep them save and help them witness to others

---Those who have recovered from illness and surgeries

--- Our Radio Station, 107.9 FM

--- Group Bible Studies—Daniel and Revelation (Tuesday nights at 6:30) and Lifting Up Jesus (Friday mornings, 10:00, at the Meadow Crest Apartments Community Room)


Current Prayer Warriors:

Cheryl James-Heisch - leader (563)320-7580

Dale Fey

John Bruce

Linda Linstrom

Eva Shy

Dennis Malik

Sharon Inns

Jan Fisher